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  1. Lentiviral Vector Systems for Constitutive Gene Expression

    Designed for constitutive gene expression from either a CMV or EF1-alpha promoter

  2. Lentiviral Vector Systems with an EF-1 alpha promoter

    EF-1 alpha promoter allows constitutive, long-term expression of gene of interest in cell types in which CMV promoters are often silenced

  3. Bicistronic Lentiviral Vector Systems

    Allows delivery and expression of gene of interest, along with a coexpressed bright fluorescent protein or an antibiotic selection marker

  4. Lentiviral Vectors with Fluorescent Proteins

    Allows delivery and expression of gene of interest as a fluorescent fusion protein in virtually any cell type

  5. Lentiviral Tet-One Inducible Expression Systems

    Tetracycline-inducible lentiviral gene expression system to produce high titers of recombinant, VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviruses

  6. Lentiviral Particles for Fluorescent Whole-cell Labeling

    Cells transduced with these premade, super-high titer particles will express a bright fluorescent protein

  7. Lentiviral Particles for Fluorescent Labeling of Organelles

    Deliver sequences that express fluorescent protein tags targeted to specific subcellular locations

  8. Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots

    Lentiviral packaging systems utilizing an extremely simple, consistent one-step method for producing high-titer lentivirus

  9. Lentivirus Purification Kits

    Gravity column-based lentiviral purification, produces outstanding yields of highly purified virus from crude supernatants

  10. Lenti-X Accelerator

    Magnetic bead-based technology designed to accelerate lentiviral transduction experiments

  11. Ecotropic Receptor Booster

    Used to temporarily elevate the density of the ecotropic receptor protein mCAT-1 on the surface of any target cell

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Showing 1-12 of 22 Products

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