His-Tagged Protein Purification

His-Tagged Protein Purification

Choose the best his-tagged protein purification method for your specific application. Mini spin columns are ideal for simple, rapid purification of small amounts of protein. The high capacity of His60 Ni Resin makes it an excellent choice for purifying large amounts of high-quality protein, while the Co2+ core of TALON resin allows it to deliver proteins of the highest purity. Both of these resins are available in several formats, including gravity columns, FPLC cartridges, and various sizes of bulk resin, as well as magnetic beads for microscale purification. 
Takara Bio offers four different technologies for his-tagged protein purification:

  • Capturem his-tagged purification kits—Fast, easy purification under a wide range of conditions
  • His60 Ni-IDA—High capacity (60 mg/ml)
  • TALON cobalt-based IMAC resin—Exceptionally pure
  • Magnetic beads—Quick, easy magnetic bead separation
His-Tagged Protein Purification
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  1. Capturem His-Tagged Purification Maxiprep Columns

    Disposable membrane spin columns for simple, rapid purification of his-tagged proteins in up to 23 ml of clarified lysate

  2. Capturem His-Tagged Purification Miniprep Kit

     Simple, rapid purification of his-tagged proteins in up to 850 μl of clarified lysate

  3. Capturem His-Tagged Purification Maxiprep Kit

    Complete kit consisting of xTractor, Wash and Elutions buffers, and 6 Capturem Maxiprep Columns

  4. Capturem His-Tagged Purification 24-Well Plate

    Typical yields for his-tagged proteins are up to 800 µg per well with a 4.5-ml sample capacity per well

  5. Capturem His-Tagged Purification 96-Well Plate

    Disposable 96-well plate for simple, rapid purification of his-tagged proteins from up to 1 ml of clarified lysate per well

  6. Capturem His-Tagged Purification Large Volume

    Quickly purify <25 mg of protein from large volume of lysate (<500 ml), and up t0 2 mg/ml concentration

  7. TALON Metal Affinity Resin

    Cobalt-charged resins for high specificity purification of his-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions

  8. HisTALON Gravity Columns

    Gravity columns of 1 ml TALON Resin for efficient and specific purification of his-tagged proteins

  9. TALON Spin Columns

    Contain TALON-NX Resin for the simultaneous purification of several his-tagged proteins in parallel in only 30 minutes

  10. TALON CellThru

    Ideal for purifying membrane-bound proteins or multi-protein complexes

  11. His60 Ni Superflow Resin

    High-capacity Ni-IDA resin for the one-step purification of recombinant his-tagged proteins from bacterial, mammalian, and baculovirus-infected cells

  12. His60 Ni Gravity Columns

    Prepacked His60 Ni Gravity Column contains 1 ml of His60 Ni Superflow Resin for convenient, high yield purification of his-tagged proteins

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Showing 1-12 of 17 Products

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