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Our large and diverse portfolio of PCR polymerases was designed for success across a variety of applications, from basic and translational research to routine laboratory testing. High performance, value, and expert technical support are why researchers worldwide have published tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies using PCR polymerases from Takara Bio. We create polymerases that simply work faster and better, so you can focus on obtaining the results you need. 

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  1. TaKaRa Taq DNA Polymerase

    Recombinant full-length Taq polymerase, supplied with separate tubes of buffer (Mg2+ plus) and dNTPs

  2. PCR Amplification Kit

    Contains necessary reagents for PCR, including a control template and primer sets for verifying amplification conditions

  3. Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase

    Specially engineered for higher robustness and sensitivity than wild-type Taq, and contains TaqStart® Antibody for hot-start PCR

  4. Titanium Taq PCR Kit

    Mixture consisting of a 5' exonuclease-deficient Taq polymerase and TaqStart Antibody for hot-start PCR

  5. Titanium DNA Amplification Kit

    Designed to be used with Affymetrix DNA Mapping products

  6. Advantage 2 EcoDry Premix

    Complete PCR kit that includes dNTPs and PCR controls, or in a ready-to-use, lyophilized format

  7. Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix

    Automatic hot-start feature, readily amplify wide range of DNA templates, including long templates up to 18 kb, and complex genomic DNA up to 6kb

  8. Advantage 2 PCR Kit

    With 3X higher fidelity than regular Taq, it can readily amplify a wide range of DNA templates

  9. Advantage HF 2 PCR Kit

    High-performance PCR system optimized for error-free amplification of genomic and cDNA targets up to 3.5 kb

  10. Ex Taq DNA Polymerase

    With the proofreading activity of an efficient 3'-to-5' exonuclease, for high-sensitivity, high-efficiency PCR

  11. Ex Taq DNA Polymerase, Hot-Start Version

    Antibody-mediated hot-start gives lower background, higher specificity, and allows room temperature reaction assembly

  12. PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase

    High fidelity hot-start DNA polymerase with superior 3' to 5' proofreading exonuclease ability

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Showing 1-12 of 54 Products

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