ON-DEMAND TAKARA BIO - LSCN WORKSHOP Simplifying hiPSC-based disease modeling

Takara Bio was proud to have partnered with the London Stem Cell Network (LSCN) to present our first Virtual Workshop on “Simplifying hiPSC-based disease modeling”. The combination of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and precise, footprint-free gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9 allows for the generation of disease models essential for advancing our understanding of disease mechanisms and the development of novel therapeutics. However, creating these models can be extremely challenging, as successful gene editing and concurrent establishment of clonal populations can be both inefficient and time consuming.

Watch the On-Demand recordings below from Dr Ralitsa Madsen and Dr Montse Morell to learn more about optimizing and speeding up your hiPSC-based disease modeling projects:

r Ralitsa Madsen, CRISPR based hiPSC models of genetic PI3K pathway activation

  • Day 1 Short Talk 2;

“CRISPR-based hiPSC models of genetic PI3K pathway activation”
Dr Ralitsa Madsen, UCL, London, UK

  • Day 2 Short Talk 1;

“Using hiPS gene editing to create a tyrosinemia disease model”
Dr Montse Morell (Takara Bio USA), Mountain View, USA