MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection kit for cell culture

The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit enables the rapid and simple detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell culture. This novel system detects mycoplasma in 1 hour from 1µl of cell culture supernatant by visual determination eliminating the requirement for PCR, qPCR, electrophoresis or ELISA. Compared with PCR, the MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit is more resistant cell culture inhibitors thus avoiding false positive and false negative results. The results are highly consistent with the most sensitive and accurate PCR kits for Mycoplasma detection.

The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit can detect up to 28 mycoplasma species, including 8 of the most common species associated with cell culture contamination. It is suitable for mycoplasma detection in a wide range of suspension and adherent cells including CHO, Vero, hybridoma, Sf9, HEK293 and many more. Furthermore, the kit is compatible with a comprehensive suite of cell culture media and serum.

The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit is an excellent choice for routine mycoplasma detection in biopharma, vaccine/monoclonal antibody production, cell therapy/embryo laboratories and other scientific research laboratories.

Visual Detection

Figure 1:  Visual detection of Mycoplasma contamination using the MycoGenie Mycoplasma Detection Kit (MORV0011). Tube 1: Positive Control | Tube 2: Day 0 | Tube 3: Day 3 | Tube 4: Negative Control.

ES cultured cell cultures had no detectable Mycoplasma 3 days post-treatment with the with MycoPlasma Elimination Reagent (MORV0012).

Excellent Sensitivity

Mycoplasma Copy No. Visual Result Interpretation









Table 1: The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection kit enables the detection of as little as 3.07x102 copies of Mycoplasma. This is more sensitive than in-house PCR analysis (3.07x103 copies) & the same as in-house QPCR analysis at 3.07x102 copies of Mycoplasma.