Safe sampling for veterinary diagnostics - NEW! NucleoProtect® VET

MN have launched the new NucleoProtect VET products for the stabilization, transport and inactivation of infectious veterinary blood and swab specimens:

·     Reliable DNA / RNA stabilization

·     Powerful inactivation

·     Safe sampling and transport

NucleoProtect VET

DNA / RNA stabilization and sample inactivation for molecular testing

Convenient sampling, inactivation of infectious viruses, storage, and shipment, all made easy with the NucleoProtect VET stabilization and inactivation solution.

Molecular results will be unaffected regardless of whether your veterinary specimens are shipped cold or at ambient temperatures, require multiple days for shipment, or are frozen for longer term storage. Stabilizing your samples means bringing higher accuracy and less variance into your results. The intuitive design including peel-off barcodes allows easy sampling on farms or in the wild.

Safe and easy sampling

NucleoProtect VET products are intuitive, single-step storage and transport systems for collection of swab or blood specimens.


Reliable test results

The reagent removes virulence while reliably preserving nucleic acids in the sample. Sample stabilization increases accuracy and precision of molecular tests, reduces variability, and brings standardization and comparability between laboratories to a new level. 


Simplifying logistics

The nucleic acid stabilizer makes cold chain logistics obsolete and allows shipment and storage at ambient temperatures. The reagent has a non-hazardous formulation enabling the safe collection, transportation and processing of samples.


User protection

Effective inactivation of infectious viruses reduces the risk of laboratory-acquired infections and spread of diseases.


Time saving

NucleoProtect VET samples can be transferred directly to pre-analytical nucleic acid extraction procedures which streamlines diagnostic testing and laboratory routines.


Secure traceability

Both swab and blood tubes come with double barcode labels with peel-off section for definitive sample tracking and management (including human readable text).