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New Heathrow Scientific Products

New General Lab Equipment


Premium Plus Microscope Slide Box 

  • Slide rail design ensure a secure fit allowing easy placement and removal of slides
  • Centrally positioned location numbering grid enables simple slide organization with easy viewing of location numbers
  • Entirely made from ABS and Polypropylene makes the boxes robust and eliminates potential rusting of metal parts
  • Sliding lock provides secure storage with easily identified lock and unlock symbols. 2 mm zip tie can be used for more secure storage
  • Inventory card is removable and replaceable for trouble-free writing on flat surfaces. Inventory cards can be purchased separately in pks/10
  • Hinged lid smoothly opens 180° sitting flat on surfaces and prevents misplacement
  • EVA foam lines the bottom of the box helping to hold slides securely in place and protect against damage
  • Multiple labeling areas, a large area on the lid of the box with “project” and “date” molded in and the back of the index card can be used as the lid is transparent

Mini LED Light Box

The small and slim footprint saves space on the bench-top and can
be conveniently stored in a drawer.

  • Ideal for quick screening of 96-well plates, Petri dishes, electrophoresis gels, slides, and transparencies
  • LED light source stays cool and has longer life (10,000 hours) and low power consumption
  • Viewing area 125 x 100 mm (5” x 4”)
  • Powered by six 1.5V AAA

Mini Magnifier:

The free standing magnifier enlarges objects for enhanced viewing

  • Molded lens swivels to adjust viewing angle for optimal view
  • 1.75x magnification

Low Temp PCR Rack 96 Well

The PCR storage rack is versatile; it can be used on a bench top or for freezer storage. The compact footprint is stackable, which helps save valuable space in the lab. The PCR storage rack is offered in multiple colors for coding options.

  • The lid is ambidextrous; it can be switched to accommodate left or right hand orientation
  • The lid is detachable
  • Holds 0.2mL tubes, individual or strip
  • 96 wells 8x12 configuration
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to -80°C

Sprout Plus Mini Centrifuge

The Sprout Plus has the same footprint as the original sprout, with a few added features and benefits:

  • A locking lid for added protection when the unit is in use
  • The lid can be unlocked and opened with one hand
  • A larger lid to accommodate longer and skirted tubes, as well as taller tube lids
  • A breaking function to quickly stop the unit when powered off or when the lid is opened
  • Meets the latest applicable North American and EU safety requirements